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Live Well FAQs

Why should I live in Fergus Falls?

Our area offers a rewarding alternative to those who wish to take a pass on the frenetic pace of big-city living. No more long commutes to work; lower cost and very high quality of living; a safe environment; an active, vibrant community; and the peace of mind that comes with all of these assets.  

What are your winters REALLY like?

Well, we don’t golf here in the winter! However, we know how to have fun. If you enjoy the dynamic of changing seasons that include a genuine snow season and activities that go with it, this is the place for you. Let’s just say we help define the reason for 4-wheel drive, SUVs, polar fleece and goose-down parkas.

Is it hard to get to urban settings such as Minneapolis and St. Paul?

Absolutely not. The drive to Fargo is less than an hour and, to the Twin Cities, a mere 2 ½ hours. It’s an easy and frequent commute for our families and friends who attend Minnesota Vikings and Twins games, Broadway-bound theater productions, symphonies, and a host of special events and seasonal celebrations.

Would you call your community family-friendly?

Family-friendly describes it well. Fergus Falls and the surrounding region offer countless items of interest for the entire family. From swim classes at the local YMCA, to horseback riding, youth hockey, cinema, the performing arts, to the Ottertail County Historical Society and the Ottertail Recreation Center, there is no shortage of family-focused activities.

What would I find most challenging about living in rural Minnesota?

Living in a smaller community offers both challenges and opportunities, just as any urban setting does. The important thing is that you come to visit us and learn firsthand about what makes this a great life and practice style. We love it here and hope you will too! Whether you want to live quietly on a nearby lake or immerse yourself in community interests, city planning, agriculture or one of Minnesota’s largest arts communities—the possibilities are endless.

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