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Week 3 Update

Week 3: 5/1 - 5/7 —CONNECTIONS

Week 3 Prize: A $25 Visa Gift Card for you to connect with someone over lunch! Winner is Tracy Evavold!

Points earned for setting a water intake, practicing gratitude, giving the gift of time, listening, exercising.

See the full list on the tracking sheet here.


What is a social connection and why is it important?

The feeling that you belong to a group and generally feel close to other people. Scientific evidence strongly suggests that this is a core psychological need, essential to feeling satisfied with your life. We are wired to connect and interact with each other. Connection registers in our brain, much like physical pleasure. Decades of research suggest that the quality of our social ties might be the single biggest predictor of our well-being. Through the last two years, this research has become very evident. Strong social connections can also lead to a lower chance of anxiety and depression, increased self-esteem, 50% chance of more longevity, and less vulnerability to disease.

PRO TIPS for building connections from this week's PRO - Natalie Knutson

  1. Practice Gratitude--- not only does this increase our happiness, it makes us feel more connected to others.
  2. Notice the people in your neighborhood—Rather than rushing all the time, take time to briefly connect to the people you come into contact with daily.
  3. Maintain & Reconnect—Maintain your current friendships and reconnect with friends with whom you’ve lost contact. More face-to-face time and less screen time!
  4. Quality vs. Quantity—Remember it is the quality of connections, not the quantity. Strengthen the relationships you value most.
  5. Listen--- Being a good listener is one of the most challenging parts of communication AND the most powerful. Ground yourself and intentionally listen!

Meet the Pro: Natalie Knutson

Natalie Knutson is the Director of Wellness at Lake Region Healthcare. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Special Populations Specialist, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, Certified Well-Being Coach as well as many other certifications. Her ultimate goal in life is to inspire individuals to be their best and to promote a healthy lifestyle of exercise, nutrition and a calm mind.

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