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Mission, Vision and Values

As an organization, our goal is to create a culture that is focused on helping people excel. This includes the people who work here and the people we serve here.

Our mission

We partner to enrich life through health.

Our vision

We will create an exceptional, innovative, and personal healthcare experience that allows people to excel and our communities to thrive.

Our values

We are an organization committed to living by our values. This means they don't just hang on the walls, they walk in the halls. All employees and providers are expected to uphold these expectations so they may know, own, build and sustain our spirit of worthwhile work.

By giving our best, we seek to offer an unparalleled healthcare experience. We believe excellence in medicine is based on a foundation of evidence-based care, grounded in science, with close attention to quality and safety.

We operate with a "all people are precious" mindset.

We are serious about working together, encouraging & supporting the diverse voices needed to connect us more closely with those we serve to improve the health of our patients, our community, and our region.

We seek to use all of our resources ethically, responsibly, and efficiently.

We communicate honestly and we consistently follow through with actions that support our words. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

We seek to honor everyone and hold their dignity in high-regard. We honor privacy and take our duty seriously to ethically and responsibly steward sensitive information that has been entrusted to us.

We’re not okay with status quo; we are constantly reimagining better solutions and new ideas.

Organizational Pillars


Provide excellent and reliable service and earn recognition as a valuable community asset.


Lead as an exemplary public citizen, demonstrated by a strong recognition of our role within the communities we serve, as a major employer, and a major contributor to the overall quality of life for residents in our service areas.


Support a values-driven culture that attracts, retains, and promotes an engaged, diverse and accountable workforce, committed to our mission and vision.

Quality & Safety

Exceed customer expectations and continue to improve clinical excellence and safety to industry standards and beyond.


Achieve financial results to sustain the autonomy of our organization, provide quality healthcare, and the ability to strategically invest in its future.


Achieve consistent net revenue growth to enhance our market dominance, maintain infrastructure improvements, and promote innovative development to meet community needs.

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