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Childbirth Preparation Course - ONLINE

Lake Region Healthcare is offering online childbirth classes throughout the year designed for expectant mothers and their partner or coach to learn about pregnancy, labor, delivery, care of newborns, and care of self after delivery. The course covers signs of labor, symptoms of pre-term labor, cesarean birth, hospital policies and routines, relaxation, breathing and coping strategies, pain control and anesthesia options, and more.

Pre-registration required one week prior to class is recommended so that educational materials can be mailed to participants and videos can be emailed.

There is no charge to participate in this educational opportunity.

The class will meet Tuesday evenings online from 7pm until 9 or 10pm (depending on the amount of “questions/discussion” the group has.

2021 Class Dates:

January 19 ● February 9 ● March 23 ● April 13 ● May 4 ● June 15 ● July 27

August 17 ● September 28 ● October 19 ● November 30

No December Class