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Flu Shot Clinics

10/6/2020 8:00 AM (CDT)

Due to COVID-19, we are offering flu shot clinics in a different way this year. All flu shots are by appointment only to help manage crowds, and some locations can accommodate drive-up access. It will be quick and easy: we can accommodate up to four-five people from a family together in 10-15 minute appointment. Please visit our Flu Shot Information pages for Lake Region Healthcare Clinics and Prairie Ridge Healthcare Clinics for more details on dates, hours, and phone numbers to call for your appointments at the location most convenient for you.

With both COVID-19 and flu expected to be going around this year, it's more important than ever to fight the flu with everything we've got to protect yourself and your community. The convergence of COVID-19 and influenza season will make it more difficult to discern which virus is causing symptoms. The possibility of getting both viruses at the same time could be an extra inconvenience to some, or even deadly to others. Plus keeping our kids healthy and in school is so important! That's why we're encouraging everyone to be on the safe side and get their flu shot this season. For your own health, the health of those you interact with daily, and the health of our entire community, fight back against the flu and make your appointment for a flu shot today.

The CDC recommends annual flu vaccines for everyone 6 months and older, especially those at higher risk of complications including pregnant women, older adults and young children.

Schedules at a Glance - LRH Locations

10-minute appointments, up to 4 family members per appointment

Fergus Falls Main Clinic - Call 218.739.2221 for appointments

  • Appointments available between 8 and 5pm all weekdays in October starting October 5th.
  • Evening hours are also being offered on Thursday October 8th and Thursday, October 22nd.

Battle Lake Clinic - Call 218.864.5283 for appointments

  • Wednesday, October 14th 8:30 - 3:30
  • Thursday, October 15th 8:30 - 3:30

Ashby Clinic - Call 218.747.2293 for appointments

  • Friday, October 23rd 8:00 - 3:30

Barnesville Clinic - Call 218.354.2111 for appointments

  • Wednesday October 14th 8:30 - 3:30
  • Wednesday October 21st 8:30 - 3:30

Schedules at a Glance - PRH Locations

15-minute appointments, up to 5 family members per appointment

Elbow Lake Clinic - Call 218.685.7300 for appointments

  • Tuesday, October 6th 8:30a - 4:30p
  • Thursday, October 8th 8:30a - 4:30p
  • Tuesday, October 20th 8:30a - 4:30p
  • Thursday, October 22nd 8:30a - 4:30p

Hoffman Clinic - Call 320.986.2038 for appointments

  • Thursday, October 15th 9a-Noon

Herman Clinic - Call 320.677.2221 for appointments

  • Thursday, October 15th 1 -4p

Evansville Clinic - Call 218.948.2040 for appointments

  • Friday, October 16th 9a-Noon

Morris Clinic

  • Wednesday, October 7th 8:30a - 4:30p
  • Tuesday, October 27th 8:30a - 4:30p

Preparing for Your Flu Shot Appointment:

  • Dress yourself and family members in short sleeved shirts.
  • Have infants and toddlers dressed in a diaper or shorts.
  • Don't forget your face mask.
9 hours
LRH and PRH Clinic Locations