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Our mission at the Lake Region Hospital Foundation is to develop partnerships and resources for improving health and wellness in our region for generations.

With the work of over a century gone by, Lake Region Healthcare continues its rich legacy of caring and planning for the future, focusing on providing the best possible access and scope of services for patients, clinical and service excellence, and maintaining a highly qualified and dedicated workforce.

The communities surrounding Lake Region Healthcare have been supporting the Fergus Falls Hospital since its inception in 1903. The reasons that attract donors and volunteers to the hospital are varied, but not wavering. The overriding theme is a desire to make a difference in our small corner of the world—Fergus Falls and the surrounding communities. If healthcare is crucial to our community, donating to the work of the hospital strengthens the community.

Gifts to the Foundation, whether outright or deferred, will help ensure quality healthcare in our communities for generations to come. Our focused areas of need include: 

  • Capital Fund: We have several million dollars in identified capital needs including a PET Scanner for our Cancer Center at the top of our priority list and a entire hospital facility remodel needed in the near future. Your gifts directed to our capital fund can be designated to assist with keeping our healthcare facility and equipment state-of-the-art.
  • Cancer Care & Research Center Survivorship Fund: This fund provides assistance for patients in active treatment at our cancer center. After an application is submitted in coordination with a cancer center social worker, these funds are considered by our Foundation Survivorship Fund Subcommittee and awarded for such items as medical bills, prescriptions, rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities and lodging. Relieving these burdens with Survivorship Emergency Funds can allow patients to focus on their treatment and healing without the worry that can come with financial strains of cancer treatment. 
  • Donor Choice Fund: Your personal experience at LRH or in life, may lead your calling to give to a certain area. We welcome your directed gifts to any LRH Department or project and will honor your wishes to ensure they enhance the patient care we provide. Examples of designated areas of need include the LRH Healthcare Professions Scholarship Fund, the Community Garden project "Lake Region Takes Root" and the Compassion Fund. 
  • Endowment: Our Foundation is actively pursuing the development of an Endowment Fund, a fund established to last in perpetuity, with only the payout from the fund spent each year to support the vision & mission of Lake Region Healthcare. Gifts to the LRH Endowment give forever, providing the financial foundation the future health care delivery in our community depends on. To learn more about helping us reach our Endowment goal, please contact us at