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Night to Shine: Elevating Healthcare Education

Welcome to Night to Shine 2021!

Join us Saturday, December 11th at 6pm for a virtual gala, live auction, and Awards of Excellence.

Help us light up the night by raising money to help our brightest stars shine even brighter. Gala funds will build our Healthcare Education Fund to provide scholarships for staff to attain continuing education and earn higher-level certifications and licenses. Your donation will be directly invested in the people that make up Lake Region Healthcare, Millstreet Residence, and Prairie Ridge Healthcare and will help us recruit and retain exceptional professionals. High-caliber talent is always our aim, and it will take even more intentional effort during this critical time in the healthcare workforce crisis. An investment in the healthcare workforce has never been more appropriate or appreciated than it is today.

The event will include a to-go meal and drink along with party favors you'll pick up prior to the event. Take it home and log in for an inspiring event featuring a keynote given by two of our own Physician Assistants and past scholarship recipients, Susie Berg and Ellyn Hexum. Plus a live online auction with BIG packages and a time to honor this year's Award of Excellence honorees.

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Goals & Action Plan:

Raise $50,000 to fund the Healthcare Education Fund
The fund supports healthcare workers at every level from nurses, doctors, computer scientists, and maintenance engineers, to laboratory and radiation technicians, patient navigators, and advanced practice professionals. As our people learn new skills and develop new competencies, our rural healthcare systems reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, improve worker satisfaction, and promote staff versatility. Advancing the quality of our care team expertise also enhances the quality of care we are able to provide.

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