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Grant Application

Please submit one form for each request. Grant applications are accepted April 15 to June 15 each year. Applicants are notified of grant decisions by Aug. 31. Awards are presented in October. For consideration of a special grant request outside of the accepted time line, please contact the Foundation office by phone at 218.736.8498 or by email at


  1. Requests must be for health-related programs or projects and must benefit individuals living within the Lake Region Healthcare service area.
  2. No requests will be accepted on behalf of an individual or family.
  3. No grants will be made to institutions that, in policy or practice, discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.
  4. Any published articles, press releases or information related to the grant released by your organization should state that the project was fully or partially funded by the Lake Region Hospital Foundation.
  5. Funds awarded must be expended only for the stated purpose on the application.
  6. Funds must be distributed within one calendar year of the award.
  7. Disbursements may be discontinued if the program or project is discontinued, or its original purpose is altered.
  8. Upon completion of the grant, a final progress report is required. The Minnesota Common Report Form may be used.

Application Process

  • Required:
    • Applicant shall submit all contact and request information as contained within the application.
    • Written description of need and how funding will help meet that need. Include any information you think will be helpful.
  • Supporting multi-media material (highly encouraged):
    • Options may include: videotape, PowerPoint, pictures, product promotional material, etc.
      • Your entire video should not exceed 5 minutes in length. Once you have successfully completed your video, upload it to Uploading instructions can be found here, Set the privacy to unlisted so only those you share the link with are able to see the video.
      • You may attach supporting video and documents with your online application.
  • Applications must be received by midnight on June 15. Notifications will be made by August 31.

Apply for a grant