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Apple a Day

New Nail Care Tech Service from LRH Podiatry

Dr. Naomi Schmid, Podiatrist and Rachelle Hanson, Nail Care Technician
June 25, 2019
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For people who have difficulty maintaining their toenails on their own, Rachelle Hanson is now offering $25 Trimming, Filing & Foot Inspections in our Podiatry Department. She and Dr. Naomi Schmid explain the services offered and the benefits of proactive foot care to overall health on today's Apple a Day.


Katie Johnson: Good morning and welcome to Apple a Day, Lake Region Healthcare's Health and Wellness show, where we feature news and information you can use to live a healthier life. I am Katie Johnson, your host, and my guests today are Rochelle Hanson who is a nail care technician who has joined our podiatry team, and one of our podiatrists, Dr. Naomi Schmid. And we are here to talk about the new nail care services being offered by the podiatry department at Lake Region Healthcare. Good morning ladies.

Rochelle Hanson: Good morning.

Katie Johnson: Rochelle, let's introduce you to our listeners. You're new on the team, offering a new service, so we want to introduce them to you. Tell us a little bit about your background and training leading up to joining the team here at Lake Region Healthcare.

Rochelle Hanson: I studied at M State Wadena where I learned hair skin and nails. Once I graduated, I was hired here in town at the Family Care Clinic. That was in Sun Mart. And then after a while I wanted to further my career and do more in my business, so I joined Hair Studio to do nails. Shortly after that, I started a service with Soak and Trims, which is just soaking the feet and then trimming the nails and calluses. And then the doctors were sending the people that they couldn't do or help because insurance wouldn't pay over to me at the salon.

Katie Johnson: Oh, okay. So it seemed a natural fit then to maybe extend the service at Lake Region Healthcare to include these nail care services. Tell us more. What exactly are the kinds of services that people can make an appointment for here at Lake Region Healthcare with you.

Rochelle Hanson: If your insurance doesn't pay for it or you need it more often than Medicare will pay for it, you can come and I'll trim your nails, buff them and make sure everything looks good. And if there is something wrong, I just go grab one of the podiatrists and make sure everything is okay.

Katie Johnson: The work is done under the supervision of podiatrists, so Dr. Schmid, maybe you can tell us a little bit about why it's important that we added this service and what kinds of foot issues you might see uncovered at this type of appointment that would be beneficial to someone to make sure they do this regularly.

Naomi Schmid: In our practice, we found that there were a lot of people who, for whatever reason, whether it be back pain or hip pain or other reasons couldn't reach their feet or comfortably trim their toenails. And because of the way the insurance is, is not all those people could get it covered. We thought that this was a very important service to provide for our patients, but this was a more cost-effective way to do.

By having a nail tech who's able to do it, she is able to actually examine the feet and look for things that might become an ulcer or area of concern, and because of that connection, get the patients in to see us and/or actually bring it to our attention at that time.

Katie Johnson: Sure. What kinds of patients should do this or are there any instances where maybe it isn't a good fit, that this nail care technician service isn't as much as a patient might need?

Naomi Schmid: I would say that any patient could come in and be evaluated basically by Rochelle to see if they'd be a good candidate. If Rochelle felt that there was something that would probably be better suited for one of the podiatrists, she could get us in. Otherwise, I don't know that there's a limit to who could be seen by us or by her. It's just a matter of being evaluated and go from there.

Katie Johnson: Sure. And like you said, there are so many instances that might contribute to the limitation to be able to do it well on your own. It is really affordable, too. Let's talk a little bit about pricing and we mentioned insurance. How will people be charged? What are the payment structures around this service?

Rochelle Hanson: It's $25 and you pay right upfront as you come in. They take cash, check, or card, and you pay right at registration and they'll check you in and I come and get you.

Katie Johnson: Tell me a little bit. You've been working as a nail care technician for a while. What is it that you enjoy about it?

Rochelle Hanson: I like to help people. If they can't do that service for them, it's get to be kind of hard and their feet start to hurt and then more than likely they end up at the podiatrist anyways. It's just nice to be able to help them do what they can't.

Katie Johnson: We all know that our feet are central to everything that happens in our body. And maybe we should talk a little bit about podiatry in general and the importance of good foot care and some of the other services you offer in the podiatry clinic.

Naomi Schmid: The podiatry clinic is... we're a pretty well-rounded department in that we treat everything from ingrown toenails to complex ankle fractures. We really do the bulk of the foot and ankle care here at Lake Region. While this is an important addition to our practice, we want to just make people aware that we are here in the community and that we available for your foot and ankle needs.

Katie Johnson: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Even total ankle?

Naomi Schmid: Yeah, mm-hmm (affirmative). Dr. Steven Schmid is able to do total ankle joint replacements. We do a lot of bunion surgeries, a lot of hammertoe surgeries, a lot of things like plantar fasciitis, a lot of sports med type things. We're a very well-rounded department that can see and do almost anything for you for your foot and ankle needs.

Katie Johnson: We're very, very fortunate to have such a great podiatry department as part of our Lake Region Healthcare Clinic. Let's tell people how they can make an appointment and again, just exactly what services we're offering, maybe that payment information again, and how to make an appointment if this is something that could be beneficial to a listener.

Rochelle Hanson: To make an appointment, you can either talk to your primary doctors and they can refer you down, or you can call our number, 218-739-2221.

Katie Johnson: Perfect. And again, nail trimming, filing, foot inspection all being offered. Easy to make an appointment. Easy to get in. Easy to have someone else take care of that for you. Rochelle, thanks for joining me. Welcome to the team at Lake Region Healthcare. And thank you both for sharing the information about the expansion of our podiatry services to include nail care services.

Rochelle Hanson: Thank you.

Naomi Schmid: Thank you, Katie.

Katie Johnson: Katie Johnson on Apple a Day today, along with Rochelle Hanson and Dr. Naomi Schmid, podiatrist, reminding you there is so much to do here. Stay healthy for it. Have a great day.