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Apple a Day

Meet new Walk-In Clinic Physician Assistant, Kayla Glanz

Kayla Glanz, PA-C
Sept. 19, 2017
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Meet the newest addition to our medical staff on this week's Apple a Day. Kayla Glanz is a Nebraska native who is delighted to be moving to Minnesota's lakes country to provide health care services at Lake Region Healthcare's Walk-In Clinic.


Katie Johnson: Good morning and welcome to Apple-A-Day, Lake Region Healthcare's health and wellness segment, where we feature news and information you can use to live a healthier life. My guest today is Kayla Glanz. She is a physician assistant we are welcoming to the medical staff at Lake Region Healthcare, working in the primary care department and serving patients at our walk-in clinic.

Good morning Kayla.

Kayla Glanz: Good morning.

Katie Johnson: It is my pleasure to welcome you to Fergus Falls, to welcome you to Lake Region Healthcare, and to introduce you to our listeners this morning. Let's start with learning about your background. Where did you grow up and what was involved in terms of your education and training?

Kayla Glanz: So I grew up the city of Nebraska, which is in way western Nebraska. And then I went to undergrad in Chadrun State College, where I got a degree in biology in nutrition and wellness. And then I went to the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha and got a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies, and graduated in 2014.

Katie Johnson: And what was it that inspired you to take that path from a degree? Did you always know you wanted to be in medicine, or did that kind of happen as you got into your educational career?

Kayla Glanz: I kind of always knew that I wanted to be in medicine. I worked as a CNA through college, and kind of did some of that stuff, and that kind of helped me decide what I wanted to do, and what area of medicine.

Katie Johnson: Finishing school and deciding where you wanted to start your practice, where you wanted to start serving patients, how did land on Lake Region Healthcare?

Kayla Glanz: Well, I worked in Fargo at a walk-in clinic for two and a half years there. I grew up in a smaller town, and Fergus Falls is kind of more of that smaller town feel that I really like. And I really like their values and goals for quality care.

Katie Johnson: So speaking of quality care, what is important to you in providing quality care to patients? How do you define that, and how do you deliver it?

Kayla Glanz: Well I think it's important to take each person individually and actually listen to them, and kind of try to figure out part of their background and their story, so that you can better individualize treatments, and individualize treatment plans, and make them better overall.

Katie Johnson: When you're not working at Lake Region Healthcare, tell us a little bit more about you personally. What do you like to do?

Kayla Glanz: Hiking, being outside, boating, fishing, sports, playing sports, watching sports. Right now fantasy football.

Katie Johnson: Ooh. After one week how's your team doing?

Kayla Glanz: Well, I had David Johnson, so that's good. He's out.

Katie Johnson: Darn.

Kayla Glanz: And Danny Woodhead, so.

Katie Johnson: Oh shoot.

Kayla Glanz: Down two people on one team.

Katie Johnson: Well hopefully the rest the season looks better.

You mentioned you have a wellness and nutrition background, so my sense is that you have a bit of a passion for that portion of health and wellness. Do you have some tips that you like to kind of highlight as your kind of go-to things for patients, or for our listeners, when it comes to improving their health, being pro-active about their health?

Kayla Glanz: One is drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is very important for your health, and very important in managing chronic diseases and that kind of stuff. And also try to get a little bit of exercise every day, even if it's just walking for 20 to 30 minutes, that's better than nothing.

Katie Johnson: Water and walk. So I have to ask, how much is enough water? How do you determine that you're drinking enough water, or tips for even just increasing your water intake?

Kayla Glanz: Well, one thing that I did that helped me, is I got a water bottle that had times of the day on it, and so it would say at 9:00 am, and if I wasn't there by 9:00 am, I would drink my water to get to that. And then it would say 11:00 am, and 1:00, and then you start over, and just make sure that you're getting those. That's something that helped me.

Katie Johnson: Anything else that you'd like to share with our listeners about yourself, your background, the walk-in clinic. You're just starting there this month, and how things are going for you there?

Kayla Glanz: Yeah, I work there a couple weekends ago, and I really enjoy it, and I'm really happy to be part of the team.

Katie Johnson: Well we are happy to have you on our team at Lake Region Healthcare, and to welcome you to our community. Good luck settling in here and hopefully our lakes, and our outdoors, and sports atmosphere will be just a perfect fit for you.

Kayla Glanz: Thank you very much.

Katie Johnson: Kayla Glanz, physician assistant joining our medical staff in our primary care department, and working at our walk-in clinic. We welcome you to our community and thank you for joining us on Apple-A-Day today.

Kayla Glanz: Thank you.

Katie Johnson: Kayla and Katie on Apple-A-Day reminding you there is so much to do here. Stay healthy for it. Have a great day.