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Weekly Park Pass Check in

Week 1 | February 23-29 This Week's Newsletter Update Can Be Found Here

Check in Here each week to see which National Parks we are visiting with our mileage this week, along with tips for incorporating a more well-rounded approach to wellness that moves beyond physical activity into your daily routines.

Week 1 Wellness Component Focus: Environmental

Later in the challenge we will be introducing you to a book called "The Nature Principle" by Richard Louv. This book is part of the Fergus Reads project for this spring as part of a community celebration called “Happy Birthday, Earth Day! 50 Years of Connecting with Nature.” As a sneak peek into the book, Otter Tail County Public Information & Education Officer, offered this summary which also sets the stage for our Environmental Wellness focus:

""The Nature Principle" gives us a hopeful vision for future - not one stripped of nature, but one where nature is increasingly integrated into the places we live work and play. By increasing our exposure to nature we can decrease stress and cortisol, perform better at work, improve mental health and ADHD outcomes, and more. In a time when devices and technology are constantly demanding our attention we need nature now more than ever, and this book will give our community a sense of optimism and purpose, and a roadmap that will lead us toward increased personal and community health." ~ Cedar Walters

Watch for more on this topic in the coming weeks!

Week 1 Participation Challenge: Enjoy nature and our natural environment this weekend at the "Leap into Winter Fun" event at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center. There is a fun opportunities to try your hand at skishoeing and/or snowshoeing for FREE! Plus treats and info on the North Country Trail and ways you can get involved. Check out this flyer for all the details!

This Week's Prize Winner: Matt Olsen

This Week's Prize: Yahtzee National Parks Edition