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Week 2 | Mar 1-7

We've gone 6,662 miles so far and visited seven National Parks as of 3-3-20!

Parks Visited This Week:

Week 2 | Mar 1-7 This Week's Newsletter Update Can be Found Here

This week we will be focusing on getting quality nutrition for optimal health. So often we focus on everything we need to eliminate from our diet in order to be fit and healthy. Instead, we are going to be focusing on what we can eat to feel our best.

A great quality resource is the USDA Healthy Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern. This pattern of eating has been shown to lead to good health outcomes. It is heavier on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and adds some meat, dairy, and oil. It is very similar to the New American Plate created by the American Institute for Cancer Research which states that 2/3 or more of our plate should come from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans and 1/3 or less should come from animal protein. Eating this way would lead to a higher intake of fiber, vitamins, and phytochemicals which helps to protect the health of our bodies.

How do we accomplish this? It is helpful to know where you are starting. How many cups of fruit and vegetables are you getting in a day? For a 2000 calorie diet it is recommended to consume 5 cups of fruit and vegetables in a day. The best way to know if you are hitting this goal is to keep track using a food journal or a tracking app on your phone.


Challenge: Download MyFitnessPal or Daily Dozen App to keep track of how many cups of fruits and vegetables you are eating in a day. Your goal is to eat 5 cups of fruit and vegetables in a day. If you track for a while and see you are getting less than that the goal will be to add in one new fruit and vegetable a day to help develop that habit. Happy, healthy eating!

Week 2 Prize: Annual Minnesota State Park Pass and First Aid Kit

Week 2 Winner: Kimberly Borgos