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Week 7 | Apr 5 - 11

Week 7 | Apr 5 - 11

Parks Visited Last Week:

Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

Mt. Rainier National Park – Washington

North Cascades National Park – Washington

Olympic National Park – Washington

Glacier Bay National Park - Alaska

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park - Alaska

Gates of the Arctic National Park - Alaska

Denali National Park - Alaska

Kobuk Valley National Park - Alaska

Haleakala National Park - Hawaii

This Week's Focus: Occupational Wellness - Some Work From Home Tips

Thanks to COVID-19, millions of people around the world have recently started working from home (WFH).

The situation may extend for weeks or even longer. Nonetheless, it is a great opportunity for a lifestyle change. There will be no rushing to leave home and skipping breakfast so that you won't miss the train.

Biggest benefit to working from home: Ability to have a flexible schedule

Biggest struggle to working from home: Collaboration/Communication--- Loneliness

Daily Routine

This is so so important to your overall well being and staying tuned into the things that matter each day for you to feel good!

  • Be disciplined.
  • Dress properly.
  • Set work hours.
  • Create a good routine with short exercise breaks.


Have a daily standup meeting/check-in with your team.

Have more social interactions. WFH can be lonely, so I do plan virtual coffee breaks with co-workers (with a real fragrant cup of coffee). Keep talking to people so you do not feel isolated.


Keep the television turned off. The radio or music on YouTube might be better if you are the type who works well with some background music.

Stay off social media.

Separate space to work from space to rest.

Time Management

Keep a daily checklist. Whether you work in the office or from home, it is essential to set a schedule for the day and keep track of daily tasks.

Schedule frequent short breaks.

For Parents Keep children in your plans. Plan lunchtime together and active breaks.