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Week 8 | Apr 12 - 18

Parks Visited Last Week

We logged 5,623 more miles in week 7 and We made to National Park of American Samoa!

Week 8 | Apr 12 - 20

This Week's Focus: Social Wellness

Physical distancing vs. Social distancing - many people are taking the social distancing to heart and are forgetting that it is human nature to feel connected with others! While we are practicing physical distancing don't forget to reach out to others, chat with someone in the grocery store if you see them, and remember to stay 6' away!

Random Acts of Kindness - Did you know that people who practice kindness live longer, healthier lives? Doing a random act of kindness gives a boost to the receiver, even more to the giver and the most to the onlooker!! Ideas: hold the door for someone, distribute some flowers, buy someone a coffee, or do something special for your spouse or loved one.

Notes of Gratitude - call or text someone and tell them how much you care. Take time and put together a hand written note and send it to someone and tell them how much they mean to you!

3 Good Things – For 14 consecutive days, write down three positive things that either happened to you or are grateful for from the day. This tool has been shown to be as effective as a mild dose of antidepressant! Want to take it a step further? Starting Monday, 4/20 join the community 14 day challenge! More information and link to come Monday.

Final Video & The Trek Home

Parks Visited On Our Way Home

Way to rally and log over 8,000 miles in the final week to get us back home!

Katmai National Park - Alaska

Lake Clark National Park - Alaska

Kenai Fjords National Park - Alaska

Lassen Volcanic National Park - California

Pinnacles National Park - California

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park - California

Death Valley National Park - California

Great Basin National Park - Nevada

Arches National Park - Utah

Mesa Verde National Park - Colorado

Badlands National Park - South Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Dakota

Great Smoky Mountains - Tennessee

Shenandoah National Park - Virginia

Isle Royale National Park - Michigan

Voyageurs National Park - Minnesota