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Brenda Glas Wins Grand Prize in LRH Community Health Challenge

Friday, March 16, 2018

Community news

Glas says she plans to take granddaughter to Disney

(FERGUS FALLS, Minn.) – Lake Region Healthcare (LRH) announced the winner of its annual winter health challenge at a Health Expo hosted at M State Thursday night. The lucky winner of this year’s grand prize $2,000 travel voucher made possible by the LRH Foundation was Brenda Glas of Fergus Falls.  “We’re going to Disney, honey,” were the first words to her granddaughter, Willow who was at the Expo with her. Glas explained that her husband recently passed away unexpectedly and had been planning to take their granddaughter to Disney. “I told Willow if we win tonight, we’ll go to Disney, just like grandpa wanted,” she said. A tearful and joyful Glas ran to the stage and danced as she accepted the prize from LRH CEO, Kyle Richards.  She later thanked Lake Region Health Care “for letting me be part of the challenge.”  “I am so blessed. People in my life and at work are amazing,” she said.

This marks the 5th year the LRH Foundation has helped the organization award a similar prize to the winner of their challenges to “Walk to Waikiki”, “Move it to Maui,” go “Around the World in 80 Days” and “Shoot for the Moon.” Those challenges were all based on exercising the collective number of minutes or miles to reach a community goal. This year’s challenge took a different spin and expanded to focus on a well-rounded approach to eight components of total wellness.

Those components are Environmental, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Occupational, Emotional and Physical & Nutritional Health. “So people who like to log their mileage running or swimming or walking like previous years could still earn points in the challenge doing those things. But points could also be earned by doing things like reading a book, taking time to meditate, working on drinking more water or getting more sleep, conserving electricity or even recycling,” said Natalie Knutson, Director of Wellness at LRH.

A questionnaire to help participants learn about the components of wellness and their own current habits was part of the registration process with a similar evaluation at the end of the challenge to help people gauge their progress toward improved overall health. Preliminary results show the challenge was successful in improving wellness behaviors in all the components of health in varying degrees. The biggest improvements were seen in environmental, nutritional and physical health areas.  The challenge ran from Monday, January 8th through this past Tuesday.

“The community rallied to meet this challenge just like they have in past years, tallying up a combined total of just over the 100,000 point goal” Knutson said. “Initial feedback indicates they liked the concept of a well-rounded approach to health and getting practical information from subject matter expects each week of the challenge,” she added.


In addition to the travel voucher, several other prizes were awarded at the Expo including:

Paddleboard from Lakes Area Paddle Sports – Mary Jo Tonneson

Trek Bike from Central Lakes Cycle – Jean Reinertson

$500 Cash – Laura Hexum

$250 Cash – Pam Larson

Prizes were also awarded weekly during the challenge. Non-challenge participants could also win prizes at the Expo including a $50 Fergus Bucks prize which was awarded to Virginia Winters. Expo attendees attended breakout sessions & visited informational booths all focused on teaching more ways to practice wellness in all dimensions.

The expo concluded with a keynote presentation by motivational speaker Mark J. Lindquist who challenged the audience to “find their passion” and offered eight tips to help them ignite their passion toward achieving their goals and carrying their health and wellness habits forward after the challenge.

For more information on the Wheel of Wellness Challenge, please visit

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Attached Photos: 

LRH CEO Kyle Richards presents the $2,000 travel voucher to the Community Health Challenge Grand Prize winner, Brenda Glas and her granddaughter, Willow.

Expo Prize Winners L to R: Virginia Winters ($50 Fergus Bucks), Mary Jo Tonneson (Paddleboard), Laura Hexum ($500 cash), Brenda Glas and granddaughter, Willow ($2,000 travel voucher), Pam Larson ($250 cash), Jean Reinertson (Trek Bike).