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Lake Region Healthcare Announces Epic for new Electronic Medical Record

Hospital news | Monday, June 27, 2022

Contact: Katie Johnson

MyChart Access to Personal Health Information Coming to all Lake Region & Prairie Ridge Patients in November

[Fergus Falls, MN] Lake Region Healthcare (LRH) is excited to announce the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system across their enterprise to help achieve its mission of partnering to enrich life through health. The EMR partner LRH selected is Epic, the most widely used and comprehensive health record in the country. Epic is the preferred EMR system used by more than 250 health care organizations nationwide, including most health care organizations in Minnesota. This means health care organizations can efficiently share information – making transfers and referrals safer and easier.

This massive undertaking and $25 million dollar investment will elevate almost every aspect of service provided by LRH at all locations across the region, including more consistent patient care protocols, consolidated billing, and faster test results reporting.

“Epic is the gold standard in electronic medical records designed to transform how we collect, store, and manage clinical information; improve patient safety; and enhance communication between healthcare providers,” said LRH CEO, Kent Mattson

Currently, Lake Region Hospital, LRH Clinics and the Prairie Ridge locations each have multiple separate electronic health record systems, making it difficult to keep all information consistently up to date and easily accessible.

“As LRH continues to grow, consolidating our current different EMRs into a single premier platform is one of our top priorities for 2022,” Mattson said. “The upgrade to Epic will improve quality of care and meet the growing demand of the communities we serve.”

By moving to one platform, patients and providers will have access to all information in one place. This single repository and interactive patient communication tool helps prevent errors and enables patients to access their health care information, prescriptions, appointments and more with a single login.

“Epic will significantly improve the patient experience with greater coordination between all members of the health care team at all levels of care,” according to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Naomi Schmid.

“The magnitude of this project cannot be overstated,” said Mattson. At launch, which is planned for November 1 of 2022, the Epic implementation will have required more than a year of work, with hundreds of employee hours dedicated to testing, transitions, and training. Mattson says the investment of financial and human capital toward this project is a core part of the organization’s continued commitment to remain a community based independent regional healthcare provider.

Once implemented in November, patients will benefit from Epic’s robust system which offers them access to all their medical records, including lab tests, medical imaging, prescriptions, vaccinations, provider referrals, and more in one convenient location utilizing the MyChart website or mobile app. Epic also improves care coordination and safety by providing an integrated system to access and seamlessly share health information with a patient’s healthcare providers, including critical connections to affiliate and referral providers such as Sanford and Mayo for improved patient care and outcomes.

“Although it is behind the scenes in large part for patients, this project will have immense benefits for our patients and our communities,” said Mattson. “With everything in one place, care becomes safer, more efficient, and seamless.”

Epic Systems was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin. Its software is used in a variety of healthcare settings. More than 250 million individuals worldwide have a medical record with Epic and more than 100 million patients in the United States manage their care with Epic’s MyChart.

About the Lake Region Healthcare Enterprise

The Lake Region Healthcare (LRH) enterprise is an independent, community owned and governed, non-profit healthcare organization headquartered in Fergus Falls. With facilities in nine communities, the midsized rural health system primarily serves five counties in west central Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. Comprised of Lake Region Healthcare, Mill Street Residence Assisted Living Facility, and Prairie Ridge Healthcare, the enterprise operates two hospitals, 10 clinics, a cancer center, a senior living community, and various other health and wellness related ventures. With over 1,100 employees and 120 Physicians and Advance Practice Providers, we are dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of our communities close to home and delivering specialty and sub-specialty services at our locations in Fergus Falls, Elbow Lake, Ashby, Barnesville, Battle Lake, Evansville, Herman, Hoffman, and Morris, MN. For more information visit:,, or

Our Mission: We partner to enrich life through health.

Our Vision: We will create an exceptional, innovative, and personal healthcare experience that allows people to excel and our communities to thrive.

Our Values: Excellence, Person-Centered, Collaboration, Stewardship, Integrity, Respect, Innovation.

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