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Lake Region Healthcare designated as level 3 trauma hospital

Hospital news | Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Minnesota Department of Health recently re-designatedLake Region Healthcare (LRH) as a Level 3 trauma hospital. This marks the third time LRH and staff have voluntarily participated in the intense designation process to be considered part of Minnesota's statewide trauma system. The process, which must be completed every three years, included an outside review of the hospital's resources and capabilities to care for trauma patients. LRH again fully met standards of commitment, clinical and equipment resources and staff training. The hospital also participates in a continuous performance improvement process as part of the designation.

"Level 3 trauma designation requires commitment to outstanding trauma care from all levels of the organization, including administration, medical staff, and frontline staff. I'm very proud of our team for their ongoing commitment to trauma designation as part of our commitment to a healthy and safe community," said Emergency Department Nurse Director Sarah Brunn. "Our physicians and nurses have extra trauma education and maintain trauma specific certifications that set us up to take excellent care of trauma patients. We also work with trauma prevention in our community in our efforts to do our part to prevent injuries and illnesses, as well as to care for people when they are affected by them," she added.

For a severely injured person, the time between sustaining an injury and receiving definitive care is the most important predictor of survival—the "golden hour." The chance of survival diminishes with time; however, a trauma system enhances the chance of survival regardless of proximity to an urban trauma hospital.

"Trauma is the third leading cause of death in Minnesota," said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm."The goal of the trauma system is to decrease injured patients' time to care by making sure their medical needs are appropriately matched with hospital resources.With the designation of Lake Region Healthcare as alevel 3 trauma hospital, we are getting closer to our goal of ensuring that seriously injured Minnesotans have access to an organized system of trauma care wherever they are in the state."

On average, trauma claims the lives of 2,400 Minnesotans annually. States with trauma systems have seen survival rates increase by15 to 20 percent.Wide-scale participation in the voluntary trauma system ensures that a statewide, cooperative effort is in place to care for seriously injured patients.

Minnesota began developing a comprehensive statewide trauma system in August of2005. Through its designation LRH recognizes the vital role that communities, ambulance services, hospitals and health care professionals play in the care and management of trauma patients.

For more information, see the Minnesota Statewide Trauma System site at