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97 employees honored for combined 2080 years of service to Lake Region Healthcare

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Corporate news

A service awards banquet was held on June 11th to honor 97 employees who had reached milestones in their service to Lake Region Healthcare. LRH CEO, Kyle Richards presented the awards and on behalf of the Board of Trustees and told recipients, “You have helped to build a standard of care and excellence for our organization and our community.”

10 Years

Pictured Left to Right: Tammy Hein (Med/Surg); Karoline Gustafson (Com. Wellness); Anna Flerchinger (Bridgeway); Abby Drouillard (Quality & Medical Staff Services); Amy Ceroll (Revenue Cycle)

Not Pictured: Hannah Anderson (Women’s & Children’s Health Services); Kari Andrews (Women’s & Children’s Health Services); Mitchell Babcock (Emergency Department); Dayna Erlandson (CS Psychiatry); Jill Harstad (CS Specialty Care); Kristin Johnson (Emergency Department); Natalie Knutson (Community Wellness); Brittany Nelson (HR); Cerise Peterson (Laboratory); Sandra Peterson (Med/Surg); Lori Siems (Radiology); Chelsey Tysdal (Emergency Department); Thomas Uvaas (Community Wellness); Sandra VanWechel (Revenue Cycle); Kayla Vigen (Pharmacy)

15 Years

Pictured Front Row L-R: Cherrise Nettleton (Mill Street Residence); Melissa Marquette (PT); Jo Dee Loll (Rehab); Denise Grefe (Laboratory); Darcy Cowing-Frank (Bridgeway)

Pictured Back Row L-R: Melissa Pahl (Women’s & Children’s Health Services); Nicole Walls (CS - Medical Oncology); Kimberly Thunselle (CS Administration); Laura Pearson (CIS)

Not Pictured: Alena Deutschlander (Nursing Administration); Leslie Gaustad (Laboratory); Monica Hanson (PT); Gretchen Johnson (Same Day Surgery); Renae Kaliher (PT); Penny Klosterman (Radiology); Heather Lee (PT); Janie Rupp (Social Services); Amy Sund (CS Medical Oncology); Diane Swanson (OT)

20 Years

Pictured Front Row L-R: Linda Arnett (Mill Street Residence); Amy Bergem (Laboratory); Heather Dirkman (Women’s & Children’s Health Center); Ronald Erickson (Facilities Management); Angie Kamrath (OR/PACU); Greg Smith (Materials Management); Linda Zumwalde (Health Information Management)

Pictured Back Row L-R: Deborah Schultz (Revenue Cycle); Debra Samuelson (Health Information Management); Tamitha Mark (CS Medical Oncology); Faye Luedtke (Health Information Management); Lynn Lundquist (Med/Surg); Christina Saurer (Radiology); James Wick (Bridgeway)

Not Pictured: Marci Bakke (Revenue Cycle); Paula Barsness (OR/PACU); Tracy Beckman (Health Information Management); Melissa Halvorson (CS - OB/GYN/Peds); Jennifer Keller (CS - OB/GYN/Peds); Bonnie Onken (Health Information Management); Konie Ness (Mill Street Residence); Jaime Sem (CIS); Janan Skillingstad (ICCU); Stacy Wilde (CS Urology)

25 Years

Pictured Front Row L-R: Machell Lee (Radiology); Rebecca Hensch (Health Information Management); Margo Denbrook (EVS); Patricia Butcher (Health Information Management)

Pictured Back Row L-R: Amy Seidel (Laboratory); Michael Robertson (Bridgeway); Deborah Ness (Respiratory Care/EKG); Kevin Moore (OR/SPD)

Not Pictured: Lynette Bittner (Laboratory); Dawn Dulski (Radiology); Amy Seidel (Laboratory)

30 Years

Pictured L-R: Renee Wilson (Laboratory); Ken Heidorn (PT); Leigh Gervais (PT); John Gervais (PT); Jean Class (Med/Surg); Karla Wynn (Nursing Administration)

Not Pictured: Susan Hansen (Med/Surg)

35 Years

Pictured Front Row L-R: Nancy Nubson (Cardiac Rehab); Rebecca Kvamme (OR/PACU/POC); Mary Kassenborg (CS Specialty Care); Lisa Grant (Revenue Cycle)

Pictured Back Row L-R: Doris Moen (Med/Surg); Patricia Shol (Health Information Management); Connie Stigen (CIS)

Not Pictured: Julie Holte (Same Day Surgery); Dean Wasvick (Facilities Management)

40 Years

L-R: Sandra Tripp (CS - OB/GYN/PEDS); Jeri Ricks (Med/Surg); Melinda Dewey (Radiology)

Not Pictured: Georgia Lunde (Med/Surg)

45 Years

L-R: Maxine Sonstebo (PT); Marcella Otto-Schuetze (PT); Barb Neuleib (Respiratory Care)

Not Pictured: Constance Fronning (Rehab)