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Your satisfaction is important to us, and we hope your stay with us will be positive. We strive to give you high-quality care and personal attention.

A few days after you return home, you may receive a follow-up written survey. If you are selected, we would greatly appreciate your taking part, because your feedback will be used to improve the quality of care provided to our patients. If you have concerns that need follow-up, please include your name and telephone number.

Flowers and mail

Flowers and mail are distributed soon after their arrival. Incoming mail is distributed at least once a day. Letters you want to mail may be given to any member of the nursing staff. Any mail or flowers received after you have been discharged from the hospital will be forwarded to your home.


Telephones are available for each patient. Your room and bed extension number is located on your telephone. You may want to give this number to family and friends so they can call you directly during visiting hours. If you prefer not to receive any calls, please notify your nurse. To make local calls, dial "9," wait for a dial tone, then dial the number. For long-distance calls, please call collect, use your credit card or have the calls billed to your home phone.

Books and magazines

Books and magazines are available from the library cart provided by the LRH Auxiliary on Mondays and Thursdays. For reading material on other days, please ask your nurse. Before you leave the hospital, please leave any of these materials in your room or in the special container at the nurses' station on your unit.

Patient education

Patient education is provided by each department involved in your care. Staff members will use a variety of videos, pamphlets and handouts to help you and your family understand your condition and how to care for yourself upon discharge. A patient resource center is located on the first floor of the hospital where a pre-surgery program is offered to surgical patients to better prepare them and relieve some of their anxiety.

Vision- and hearing-impaired services

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, Video Remote Interpreting services, TDDs (telecommunication devices for the deaf) and other auxiliary aids or services are available at LRHC free of charge to patients when necessary for effective communication. Phone amplifiers and pocket talkers are also available upon request. Please request auxiliary aid or service necessary for effective communication when you schedule an appointment or when arriving at LRH. For patients utilizing emergency room services, you may call (218)736-8305 in advance to give notice of a potential request for auxiliary aid or services appropriate for effective communication.

Notary public service

Notary public service is available in several departments. Inform a nurse that you need this service, and arrangements will be made.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I go to get answers to questions about my bill?

You can contact our patient financial services department by phone at 218.736.8000 or by email at You can also manage your account online.

How do I get my medical records/immunization records?

You can call our health information management department at 218.736.8479 (hospital) or 218.739.6813 (clinic). Or you can download the Release of Information Authorization form.

How do I get my birth certificate?

Birth certificates can be obtained for births from 1935 to the present at any county recorder's office in Minnesota. The Otter Tail County Recorder's office can be reached at 218.998.8140, and the application for a birth record can be downloaded from their website.

Where do I pay and what do I bring for childbirth prep classes?

The full schedule of childbirth prep classes can be found on our calendar. You can register online there or by calling our Women's & Children's Health Center at 218.736.8283. You may wish to bring your partner or coach along to class. No other supplies are necessary.

How can I find out how much a procedure or appointment will cost?

Questions about the cost of a potential procedure or appointment should be directed to our patient financial services department at 218.736.8000 or

Does LRH have a nutritionist/registered dietitian?

Yes. You can learn more information on our nutrition education services page or by calling 218.739.6488.

Where do I donate money/gifts?

The Lake Region Healthcare Foundation graciously accepts gifts to help us improve the health of people in our region for generations to come. You can donate online or contact the foundation office at 218.736.8195.

I've changed my address/phone number. Who do I contact?

Please contact the patient financial services department at 218.736.8000 or

Does LRH offer dialysis service?

Frensenius Dialysis offers dialysis services on the Lake Region Healthcare campus. The Frensenius offices are located in the lower level of our Cancer Care & Research Center, on the west side of the building entrance, at 714 S. Mill St. in Fergus Falls. They can be reached by phone at 218.739.6208.

Can I do an internship/job shadow at Lake Region Healthcare?

Lake Region is pleased to offer several internship and job shadow opportunities. These can be arranged through our human resources and education department at 218.739.8469.

Do you have any job openings? How can I find out if a specific job posting has been filled?

Current job openings are posted on our website under Employment opportunities. The employment application is available for download at this link as well. Once a posting is removed from this web link, the position has been filled.

How long do you keep my application/resume on file?

A completed application form is required for job consideration, and these applications (not resumes) are kept on file for two years.

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