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Hospital Shoppable Services - Fergus Falls

Hospital Shoppable Services - Elbow Lake

Disclaimer and explanation for standard hospital charges

Hospitals determine standard charges for patient services with the use of a chargemaster system, which is a list of charges for the components of patient care that go into every patient's bill. These are the baseline rates for services provided at this hospital.

The chargemaster is similar in concept to the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) on a vehicle. It is the starting price of each service performed and goods consumed associated with the individual patient's treatment and the chargemaster rates are updated occasionally as needed.

Standard charges shown in the attached file do not necessarily reflect what a patient may pay. Government insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid do not pay the chargemaster rates, but rather have their own set rates which hospitals are obligated to accept. Commercial insurance payments are based on contract negotiations with managed care payors and may or may not reflect the standard charges. Patients without commercial insurance or not covered by a government health care plan should contact the hospital prior to a procedure to discuss charges, alternative pricing, and payment terms.

Please note that prices offered are estimates only – procedure costs will vary based on your specific circumstances including health insurance status and changes in coverage; length of time spent in the hospital; additional tests or procedures ordered by your physician; or any unforeseen conditions or circumstances surrounding your care or recovery.

If you have health insurance and would like more detail about your benefits coverage, please contact your insurance provider by calling the telephone number on the back of your health insurance member card or by visiting their website. The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance companies to provide pricing information to their customers, including both the hospital portion as well as the physician services.

If you would like an estimate of your financial responsibility for an upcoming service or procedure, please call us at 218.739.6640 or email, and we can help determine the estimated cost of an upcoming service or procedure.

Lake Region Healthcare Fergus Falls Hospital Standard Charges

Lake Region Healthcare Elbow Lake Hospital Standard Charges

Minnesota Primary Care Price Transparency Report

The amounts posted in this report do not reflect the amount(s) each clinic patient will pay for the services listed. For specific information about the amount you will owe for the services you receive, please contact your insurer. The Minnesota Legislature passed a law that requires certain clinics to report amounts for their 25 most frequent services that cost more than $25. The services listed here do not reflect all of the services provided at this clinic. Charges represent the standard amount a clinic bills for a service. For most patients, clinics get paid an amount well below the listed charge. Patients covered by commercial health insurance or a Medicare Advantage plan: Your health insurance company has likely negotiated a discount or contracted rate for each service. Your health insurance company’s negotiated price might be higher or lower than the average commercial payment amount listed above. To learn more about your health insurance company’s negotiated price or how much you will owe under the terms of your specific health policy, please contact your health insurance company. Patients with government-sponsored health coverage, such as Medicare or Medical Assistance: The payment rates listed below reflect amounts set by Medicare or Medical Assistance, not by this clinic. These listed rates do not reflect the amount you might owe as a co-payment. For more information, please contact our Patient Financial Services staff at 218.736.8000 or

Primary Care Price Transparency Report - Fergus Falls Main Clinic

Primary Care Price Transparency Report - Outreach Clinics

Primary Care Price Transparency Report - Elbow Lake Medical Center

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