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Welcome to MyChart.

Your secure online health connection.

MyChart gives you access to your health record, allows you to pay your medical bills, communicate with your care team and so much more.

Lake Region Healthcare offers you access to your electronic medical record through Epic’s MyChart patient portal as part of a Community Connect partnership with Sanford Health.

If you are already a MyChart user: You can now access your Lake Region Healthcare medical records from encounters at any of our locations by signing into your MyChart account below or on the app.

Looking to pay your bill?

To pay a bill with a service date of 10-31-2022 or earlier, please use the Patient Compass system linked here. For all bills with a service date of 11-1-2022 or later, please use the MyChart portal.

A about our Sanford partnership for MyChart

We are able to offer access to your Epic MyChart through a partnership with Sanford Health. When using the links below, you'll be directed to a Sanford webpage. As you use MyChart, you may also see the Sanford logo or name at times. Regardless of the logo displayed, you’ll see your complete medical record for care at both locations.

This is just one of many ways we deliver on our mission: We partner to enrich life through health!

MyChart Features

  • Communicate with your doctor. Get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home
  • Access your test results. No more waiting for a phone call or letter – view your results as soon as they are available
  • Request prescription refills/renewals. Send a refill/renewal request for medications
  • Manage your appointments. Schedule your next appointment, or view details of your past and upcoming appointments
  • Video Visit. Schedule a real time video interaction instead of traveling to the clinic. Learn more.
  • View your insurance. Access your insurance plan details including out-of-pocket maximums, benefit balances, claims detail and more.
  • Paperless billing and online bill pay. Receive your medical bills through MyChart instead of by mail. View billing statements and make online payments or visit copays through your bank account or credit card.

Helpful Tips

How to sign up

Respond to the invitation email received after an appointment at any clinic or LRH location (this is the easiest way!) You may also follow the link above called "Activate Your Account."

How to sign in

Enter your unique username and password set up during activation in the fields above, or by opening the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Accessing your family records

Adult Proxy Request Form

Child Proxy Request Form

If you are at a clinic you may also request a proxy form from registration staff to complete during your visit.

An Important Note

We can offer access to your Epic MyChart through a partnership with Sanford Health. When using MyChart you may see the Sanford logo at times. If you see providers at both LRH and Sanford, you might see one or both of our logos. No matter the logo, there will be complete medical records for care at both locations. The logo doesn’t change what is in MyChart about your health and you!

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