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Answers to common MyChart questions

If I already have a MyChart through Sanford, do I have to create a new one for Lake Region?

Because we purchased Epic through Sanford, all your Lake Region information from Nov. 1st on will automatically post to your existing Sanford MyChart portal.

If I already have the Follow My Health (FMH) portal, do I need to sign up for a MyChart portal?

Yes. The historical information (including lab results, past appointments, messages, etc.) in your FMH portal cannot be transferred to the new MyChart portal. You’ll want to hold on to your FMH for a while to refer to anything historical, but everything new from Nov. 1st on will post to the new MyChart portal.

I had a MyChart portal with Sanford years ago, but I can’t access it anymore, do I need to create a new account or how can I get access to the existing account?

- If you remember your Username, but forgot your password, you can go the MyChart login page to enter your Username and click “Forgot Password”. You will need to answer a few identifying questions and then create a new password.

-If you cannot remember your Username, you can click “Forgot Username” and an email with your username will be sent to the email you entered when you initially activated your MyChart account.

-If you no longer have access to the email you used when you last accessed your MyChart account, you can call 1-866-808-5274 for MyChart support for assistance gaining access to your existing account. Once you have a MyChart account, you cannot create another or a new account.

I created a MyChart account, but I don’t see any information there?

We switched to the new Epic system on Nov. 1st, 2022 so only new information from that point forward will be found in your MyChart account. Once you have an upcoming appointment scheduled in our new Epic system or once you have your first visit or lab draw, you will start to see this information in your MyChart.

I created a MyChart account, but I can’t send my provider a message or find my provider to send him/her a message?

To send a message to a provider or care team, you need to have an established relationship with the provider within the Epic system. If you haven’t seen that particular provider or had an appointment scheduled with them since Nov 1st, 2022 you will not be able to message them until you have/schedule your first appointment with that provider in our new Epic system.

I created/have a MyChart account, but now I need to know how to get access to my child’s information?

You will need to complete a Child Proxy Access Request form to receive access to your child’s health information through MyChart. This form is available on the website at The request will be reviewed internally to verify that you are the legal guardian and should have access to their health information. If the request is granted, you will be notified that you now have access to their record. If you complete the form online, you may receive a request for additional information to process the request.

I would like to have access to my adult family member’s account because I am his/her primary caregiver.

There are a few ways to accomplish this.

(1) Complete the Adult Proxy Form either at the time of Registration with you and the patient present to sign the form in front of our Registration staff or complete it on your own and have the signatures witnessed by a Notary.

(2) Have the patient create a MyChart account and share their record with you. This can be accomplished by logging in, going to the Menu, scrolling down to the Sharing section and selecting Share My Record. They will then select who they want to share their record with (A family member, close friend, or caretaker) and then select how they want to share their record (Give ongoing access to your My Sanford Chart account). They will then need to “Invite” you by clicking on Invite Someone; they will need to type in your name and email address, agree to the terms and conditions and click Send invite. You will then receive an email invitation to have access to their MyChart record, once clicking the link in the email, you will be directed to your Sanford MyChart and will need to confirm you know the patient to gain access.

Why do emails from MyChart come from a Sanford address and why is the Sanford logo on my Lake Region Healthcare MyChart?

Lake Region Healthcare is able to offer access to your Epic MyChart through a partnership with Sanford Health. As you use MyChart, you may also see the Sanford logo at times or receive notifications from Regardless of the logo displayed, you’ll see your complete medical record for care at both locations. Providing this robust medical record to you with Sanford's help is just one of many ways we are working to keep your healthcare as close to home as possible and deliver on our mission: We partner to enrich life through health.

Who should I contact with questions about MyChart?

For questions about or assistance with activating a MyChart account, email or call 218-739-6774.

For technical questions about MyChart, call MyChart support at 1-866-808-5274.

For medical questions for your provider, send your provider a secure message through MyChart or call your provider’s clinic directly.

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