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Virtual Appointments

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Virtual Video Visits for Staying Well

Be seen. Be heard. We're here.

We are committed to safely caring for you in-person and on-line.

We offer easy on-line virtual visits that are submitted to your insurance company just like a regular office visit. To schedule a virtual appointment simply follow the steps below.

Follow These 4 Easy Steps

1. For a Scheduled Virtual Visit (just like a doctor's office visit) call


2. Get ready for your visit

Make sure your computer, phone or tablet has a camera and microphone. If you're using a computer with a webcam, be sure to use Google Chrome as your browser. Please also make sure your phone or tablet has the latest updates installed.

3. Click on your individual provider's name below. It will take you to a virtual waiting room.

  • Enter your name
  • Click on the Check In button
  • You will be prompted to enable your camera and microphone

4. Your caregiver will start your visit!

Click the link below on your smart phone or tablet to go to your individual provider's virtual waiting room. Be sure to enable the camera so your video visit can connect!

Fergus Falls Main Clinic Primary and Specialty Providers

Dr. Mohammad Alsumrain - Pulmonology

Dr. Janet Andrews - Psychiatry

Susie Berg - Primary Care Family Medicine

Rebecca Boesl - Primary Care Family Medicine

Dr. Wesley Borowski - Primary Care & Women's Health

Marie Braaten - Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Colt Edin - Primary Care Internal Medicine

Alyse Engen - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Dr. Angela Folstad - Pediatrics

Dr. Andre Genereaux - Primary Care Internal Medicine

Dr. Jason Glynn - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Dr. Allison Goddard - Dermatology

Keon Griffie - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Dr. Anjali Gupta - Primary Care Internal Medicine

Dr. Julianne Gutzmer - General Surgery

Ellyn Hexum - Primary Care Internal Medicine

Dr. Jackie Huber - Psychiatry

Dr. Chelsey Johnson - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Jon Kaliher - Eye Clinic Optometry

Missy Koehl - Geriatric Medicine

Dr. JoEllen Kohlman-Petrick - Cardiology

Dr. Tyler Lacey - Primary Care Family Medicine

Dr. Brett Larson - Women's Health OB/GYN

Aaron Lindstrom - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Dr. Eric Lokken - Primary Care Family Medicine

Genie Loeffler - Psychiatry

Dr. David Mach - Psychiatry

Ashley McCauley - Primary Care Family Medicine

Dr. Susan Meland - Psychiatry

Dr. Bruce Money - Primary Care Internal Medicine

Dr. Matthew Mouser - Primary Care Internal Medicine

Dr. Michael Norgard - Women's Health OB/GYN

Dr. Dari Orandi - Allergy

Dr. Heidi Ottenbacher - Eye Clinic Optometry

Dr. Erin Peterson - Primary Care Internal Medicine

Dr. William Porter - ENT

Dr. Regulagadda - Visiting Nephrologist

Dr. Milton Ropes - Urology

Dr. Chris Rott - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Dr. Naomi Schmid - Podiatry

Dr. Steve Schmid - Podiatry

Dr. Brian Schmidt - Eye Clinic Ophthalmology

Dr. Carmen Schnurer - Pediatrics

Alena Storlie - Cardiology

Dr. Steven Thom - Eye Clinic Ophthalmology

Dr. Dan Traiser - Psychiatry

Kayla Villagomez - Primary Care and Neurology

Dr. Mark Vukonich - Primary Care Family Medicine

Dr. Paul Wawin - Psychiatry

Ashby Battle Lake and Barnesville Clinic Providers

Dr. Erin Peterson - Ashby Clinic

Kiana Deal - Battle Lake Clinic

Carrie Affield - Barnesville Area Clinic

Dr. Sunnah Doesken - Barnesville Area Clinic

Katie Martin - Barnesville Area Clinic

Dr. Owen Thompson - Barnesville Area Clinic

Medication Therapy Management - Pharmacists