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COVID Related Visitor Policies

To assist in providing a person-centered environment for COVID patients and to do our best to minimize the potential transfer of the virus within our healthcare settings, the following visitor policies are in place. We know it is important to have good communication with families, who are also caregivers, and that patients benefit in their healing journey by having family present. Thank you for working with us to balance the health and safety of our staff and our patients and their families.


  • Visitors must be screened at the front lobby and then go directly to the nurses station on the floor that the patient is located to sign in and an education handout will be provided to the visitor when signing in. The visitor shall not make any stops on the way.
  • A surgical mask must be worn at all times including while visiting the patient.
  • Hand hygiene must be performed upon entering and prior to exiting the patient’s room.
  • When leaving the patients room the visitor will also be required to sign out at the nurses station.


  • COVID visiting hours in the acute care setting are 4:00 pm-6:00 pm daily. Visitors will be limited to 2 per every 24 hours.


  • Visitors should be limited to those essential for the WCHC's patients’ well-being and care.
  • The one dedicated support person is encouraged to stay throughout the hospital stay and the visiting hours from 4:00-6:00 pm does not apply.
  • For pregnant/delivered patients the dedicated support person will remain the same throughout the entire stay. For pediatric patients there may be 2 parents/support persons that may switch out during the stay.


  • Emergency Department patients with known or suspected COVID may have one dedicated support person while in the Emergency Departments.
  • The one dedicated support person must stay in the patient's room and cannot use Emergency Departments waiting rooms.
  • Upon admission the visitor would be expected to follow general guidelines as listed in this policy.
  • All visitor eligibility may be determined by the Emergency Department's care team.


  • Clinic patients are encouraged to limit the number of people who accompany them to clinic visits to one-two persons per visit to help reduce waiting area crowding. Exceptions to accommodate family groups will be made as needed.


  • Patients are encouraged to limit visitors to one per patient in the Cancer Center.



  • All patients and visitors will be screened according to current guidelines before being allowed to enter our facilities.
  • People waiting for a COVID test result should not proceed to any non-urgent medical appointments.
  • All patients, visitors and staff must wear a medical grade procedure face mask at all times. We will provide one for those who don’t have one, to be worn instead of, or placed over, cloth masks. Given the highly contagious nature of the current variants circulating and given the increased effectiveness of these masks over non-medical masks, we will continue with this requirement in consideration of the vulnerable populations we serve and the workforce we are trying to maintain.
  • We ask that there be no congregating in lobby or café areas.

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