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Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Team at Lake Region Healthcare Has You Covered

We love working with athletes. We know how important it is to treat injuries quickly and properly so we can get you back to the sport you love. Be assured, we have you covered from start to finish.


Our Certified Athletic trainers spend all day, every day, with hundreds of student athletes at area schools. We help prevent and treat injuries with the most up to date technology. Our team has over 50 years of sports medicine experience to keep athletes off the sidelines and in the headlines!


At times, athletes need to see ORTHOPEDIC OR SPORTS MEDICINE PROVIDER for further testing or imaging. Our team of sports medicine professionals addresses sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. We work together to get competitive and recreational athletes back to enjoying the sports they love. There's no need to go anywhere else. The tremendous depth and knowledge of Lake Region Healthcare's Sports Medicine Team encompasses expertise across a number of medical specialties, all in one place. Our team can see you same day or next day, Monday-Friday with Express Appointments.


Our Athletic trainers and physical therapists work together to get you back to your sport as soon as possible. We focus on rehabilitation and injury prevention. Our physical therapists are highly skilled with the latest trainings from Astym to cupping and Blood Flow Restriction along with running analysis. Our doctorate level Physical Therapists have extra trainings and certifications in sports medicine, and are available in three locations: Lake Region Healthcare main campus, Elbow Lake campus and the Fergus Falls YMCA. Your insurance may require you to have an order from your provider. Many insurances allow direct access to Physical Therapy meaning you do not need an order. The therapy office can help you with this information or you can call your insurance company directly for more information.


Our wellness center is located in the Mehl Center building across the street from Lake Region Healthcare's main hospital. Unity Wellness is your RETURN TO SPORT DESTINATION! As you check out of physical therapy, let our professionally certified trainers get you back to performance level. Our high speed treadmill runs up to 30 mph and a 40 degree incline. Its capabilities don’t stop there. Harness up for some back pedaling and side shuffling, offering you an experience like no other. Pair in explosive plyometrics, strength training, core stability and flexibility and you will be prepared to return to the action. Additionally, our team offers sports nutrition counseling, group classes, and a motivating atmosphere to get you and keep you at peak performance.

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