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Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement

The anterior approach to hip replacement is a newer approach to surgery with the hip being replaced from the front of the body as opposed to the side or back. It offers people who are candidates for this approach several benefits.

  • The anterior approach is considered minimally invasive because there is a smaller three to four inch incision made.
  • This approach also allows the hip to be replaced without having to disturb the surrounding tissue and muscles.
  • Patients have the potential to experience less pain, faster recovery and improved mobility when the anterior approach is used.

Dr. Christopher Rott performs anterior hip replacement surgery at Lake Region Healthcare using an advanced digital navigation system called VELYSTM Hip Navigation. The advantages to this system include:

  • Better accuracy and precision.
  • The ability to use individualized information to determine which implant size and position are right for the patient.
  • The ability to align and place the hip during surgery.

Dr. Christopher Rott

Dr. Christopher Rott

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