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Pediatric Therapies

Pediatric Therapists work in close collaboration
with each child’s parents/caregivers to develop
and implement a home program. This involves
teaching each family skills and techniques they
can use at home with their child to maximize
gains and overall performance.


Pediatric Occupational Therapy is focused on
helping your child participate in daily activities
to the best of their ability. Occupational
Therapy uses meaningful activities to motivate
your child to improve the skills needed for
success across all environments. OT addresses
many areas including: sensory processing, self
care abilities, emotional regulation, and motor


Pediatric Physical Therapists talk with children
and their families and use physical examination
to find the source of the child’s movement
difficulties. Each child is given an individualized
treatment program designed to help the child
work toward his/her goals. Physical Therapy
works to improve gross motor development,
posture, strength, stability, range of motion,
flexibility, activity tolerance, balance,
coordination, and gait.


Pediatric Speech Therapists work with
children of all ages, including infants,
preschoolers, adolescents, and teens. Speech
Therapy focuses on helping children learn
to communicate. Speech Therapy covers
many areas including: articulation, cognition,
language, stuttering, voice, motor speech, and
the hearing impaired.


• Sequential Oral Sensory (S.O.S) Feeding
Therapy Program
• The Zones of Regulation
• Handwriting Without Tears
• STAR Autism Support
• VitalStim Therapy
• Pediatric Swallow Studies
• Beckman Oral Motor Technique
• Aquatic Therapy
• Social Skills Group (summer only)
• Astym
• Bowel and Bladder


How do I get my child therapy services in Fergus Falls or Elbow Lake?
Please share your concerns with your child’s
pediatrician or physician. The physician
will make a referral to the appropriate
therapy services. The therapy department
will contact you to schedule your child’s

Does my child need therapy services even
though they receive therapy services at
Each setting offers a unique perspective
on your child’s development. A benefit of
outpatient therapy services is that your child
will receive frequent individualized sessions
in a medical setting. Therapists work in
close collaboration with your child’s entire
medical team (pediatricians, psychologists,
neurologists, etc).

Are therapy services covered by insurance?
Most insurance companies do cover therapy
services; however, each coverage policy is
different. We recommend that each family
contact their insurance company for specific
details regarding their individual plan.

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