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Respiratory care

Relax. Take a deep breath. Be grateful that you can.

For those who can't, the Lake Region Healthcare (LRH) respiratory care team has specially trained respiratory therapists who help patients living with breathing problems.

Respiratory therapists provide various therapies within the hospital setting, helping physicians make diagnoses by using tests to measure lung capacity, heart rhythm, brain wave function, and sleep abnormalities, in addition to making oxygen and lung assessments.

Respiratory care is also available outside the hospital through:

  • Asthma education.
  • Nicotine dependence counseling.
  • Pulmonary function testing.
  • Lake Region's pulmonary rehabilitation program.

A pulmonary rehab program helps you improve your breathing and overall health. The program you enter will be tailored to your specific needs. The program often includes the following services:

  • Progressive exercise classes that are supervised and monitored.
  • Support groups where you can learn from other people with breathing problems.
  • Breathing techniques that help reduce shortness of breath.
  • Education about proper nutrition, your medications, disease, stress and the effects of stress on your immune system.

The pulmonary rehab program is located in the Lifestyle Center across from the LRH campus. The center offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can get some exercise and visit with other patients in the program.

The purpose of the pulmonary rehab program is to improve your quality of life. Give us a call today and start breathing easier.

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