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Delivering Your Baby During COVID-19

What to know about being pregnant during COVID-19

We're committed to giving you the safest, most comfortable birth experience possible now, and always.

5 Steps to Staying Happy and Healthy Right Now

We do not currently know if you are at a greater risk of getting sick from COVID-19 if you are pregnant. Based on available information, pregnant women seem to have the same risk as adults who are not pregnant.

To stay healthy and happy through your pregnancy:

1. Follow the Centers for Disease Control advice. Avoid people who are sick, wash your hands often and clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces daily.

2. If you can, opt out of grocery shopping and have your groceries delivered.

3. Eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, sleep well, keep your mind and body active.

4. Take a break from social media. There is a lot of misinformation out there right now.

5. Talk to your doctor about your birth plan and any questions you may have. It will give you the extra peace-of-mind you probably need right now.

Staying Close to Home for Birth

Choosing where to have your baby is a big decision. The key is to feel comfortable with your OB and the team who will be supporting you in the hospital. Sometimes bigger isn’t the best choice when it comes to developing the trusting relationship you need to feel confident your birth plan will be followed as closely as possible—and that your birth experience will be as you envisioned it. If you have questions about what you can expect to experience at Lake Region Hospital’s Birth Center right now, or in the future, we encourage you to call us at 218.736.8283.

Patient Precautions

  • Visitor restrictions
  • Health screening for all patients and staff prior to entering our facilities
  • Personal Protective Equipment for staff – gown, face shield or mask, gloves
  • Rigorous hand hygiene

Frequently Asked Questions about Labor & Delivery Right Now

What if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

The Birth Center is following CDC guidelines for providing obstetric care for pregnant patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

We can deliver your baby if you go into labor while you’re sick with any contagious condition. If you’re in labor, call the Birth Center at 218.736.8283. (If you are not in labor and are ill and think you may have been exposed to coronavirus, call your health care provider.)

How will my experience in labor and delivery be different during this time?

For all Birth Center patients:

  • All expectant patients will be tested near the end of their pregnancy for COVID-19. You can read more about when and how this will take place here.

  • When you arrive at the hospital for your delivery, both you and your one support person will be screened and provided with a mask to wear if you do not have one.

  • If your support person screens positive, a different support person will need to be chosen.

  • We will ask that your support person remain with you for the majority of your stay so contact with potentially infectious people is decreased.

  • Staff will be wearing masks, goggles or face shields and gloves when caring for you. We ask that you wear your mask when up walking in the halls or when staff enters your room.

  • You may be evaluated in our Emergency Department prior to arriving to the Birth Center

Rest assured, we will care for you even if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. We’ll take additional precautions as part of your care.

As reminder, we can allow only one support person in the room with you during your labor, even if you don’t have symptoms of the virus, and the support person must be symptom free. We understand that this is frustrating and disappointing; we do this to keep you, your newborn, and our staff safe and reduce the spread of the virus.

After your baby is born, one of our pediatric providers will see your child and talk to you about their care. Your OB provider will see you to follow up on your own care.

What options do I have to give birth?

You can choose many options for your labor, including whirlpool tub, squat bar, natural childbirth support, nitrous and epidural.

Can my newborn baby get COVID-19?

It is unclear if newborns can become infected with COVID-19. We protect newborns from exposure, just as we do with other viruses (such as influenza). If you’re sick, it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, and wear a mask while caring for your baby.

Can I breastfeed if I have COVID-19?

While there is very limited data available, current research has not found the virus in any samples of breastmilk studied. If you have respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, trouble breathing), we recommend frequent hand washing, washing your breast prior to feeding, and wearing a mask while nursing.

We know the birth experience is a very special time for you and your family. We’re committed to protecting the health of your baby, and you – while giving you the best birth experience possible in a nurturing and safe environment.